How to Best Use Our Service:

For a standard party, we’ll show up about an hour before your event is scheduled to begin. After setting up the bar &/or buffet we’ll then assist with any last minute preparations as needed & time allows. Then during the event itself we’ll offer full bar &/or food service as well as to bus plates & glassware throughout the evening. Finally, as the event draws to a close we’ll take care of any clean up so you’ll have only minimal items to deal with. 

Full scale events are more involved so please contact us to discuss the details.

Fee for Service:

  • Our fee for service is a set rate of $36/hour (per person working the party). Please Note: I only work with top talent & in this industry you definitely get what you pay for. It's critical to ensure a quality team. So although we aren't the most expensive service in town, we aren't the cheapest either.
  • There is a 5 hour minimum on all parties. But with an hour for set-up, an hour for clean-up, & about 3-4 hours for the party this has never been an issue.
  • Gratuities are deeply appreciated, but we leave it to your discretion.
  • As long as your event is within the metro area then there is no charge for travel.
  • If you are outside of our service area then we can still work with you but there will be a necessary surcharge for time traveled & expenses for gas.
  • I do not require a deposit to secure a date, but if plans change then please let us know as soon as possible so we can cancel our staff & place them elsewhere if able.
  • We'll settle up at the end of the evening, & are able to take cash or check for the event's services. Please just pay one of our associates as things draw to a close.

Please Note - all fees are straight forward & there is NEVER a hidden charge. However, special services do carry a variable rate, but all such arrangements will be made ahead of time & will be very clear-cut.

  • Special holiday rates do apply to certain days such as Christmas, New Year's, July 4th, etc. Also keep in mind that availability for such days is extremely limited so we recommend that you contact us as far in advance as is possible.
  • Halloween & the December season both book very fast so please try to make arrangements as early as possible.
  • All weddings bill at the rate of $42/hour (per person working). This includes rates for an on-site coordinator. 
  • We do offer services for fully adult parties but prefer that you contact us directly to discuss the details.
  • Special services such as event planning, on-site chef, & performance art all work on a variable scale so please contact us for details.

Please understand that 'The Private Professionals' & all of our affiliates take no responsibility for the actions of any guests during your affair. That is the sole responsibility of the host & we will take no liability as a result of any such aspect of your function. If we see an individual in need of consideration, we will however do our best to bring them to your attention so that you can deal with the situation as you see fit.

The reverse is also true, as you will assume no liability or risk should one of our staff become injured while working on the job. We are subcontractors, & as such all personal liability regarding any such matter is assumed by the individual in question. Acceptance of our service implies automatic acceptance of these terms.

Sorry, a lawyer made me say all this...   ;-)

Once you're ready & would like to book a party then we'll need the following information to block out your date:

  1. A general confirmation so that we can reserve the date in your name, then of course the time, how many people you expect, & what the venue is.
  2. It's also useful to know what type of crowd it is as well as the purpose for the affair.
  3. What type of bar is it (full service vs. beer & wine only). Will there be formal food service or a buffet? Overall, what type of assistance are you looking for (a bartender, service assistance, coordinator, etc)?
  4. Then of course we'll need an address for where it will be held.
  5. Lastly, we'll just need your personal contact information: your email & a day-time as well as an evening phone number (please include the best times to reach you as well as a number you can reached on the day of the party).

See our Contact Page to reach us.
I thank you for your interest & I’ll look forward to working with you… 

Rick D~  :-)

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