Some Feedback From Our Previous Parties...


Rick, I can't say a big enough thanks! Honestly, our party was the success it was because of your staff. I was truly impressed (and that's rarely the case). Our parties are well known and our crowd is always diverse. And although I was a little nervous having not met any of you guys, you made me feel very comfortable - so I said why not, & we went ahead with it.

I never had to worry about what we had, how we were doing, or ever had a guest waiting for one of your amazing libations. Your guys definitely made an impression. I have to say your bartender was one of the most personable and confident guys I've met and his drinks ROCKED. My guests were deeply impressed and extremely happy - several even pulled me aside to let me know what a great choice he was.

Your server was awesome as well, a really nice guy with a great smile - a huge hit with everyone. He was proactive, creative in plating some of the passed items, and worked very well to compliment your bartender's efforts. My event was a smashing success and the emails and calls keep coming in. In short, thank you.

We will be using your services again very soon (already looking for excuses) and will definitely be requesting your team every time. I can't recommend your company highly enough. Looking forward to many more over the coming months. Cheers!


Rick, I wanted to let you know that if I ever need party assistance I will definitely be contacting you. Your team was over and above anything that we expected. They we're extremely professional & took charge when and how we needed them. Before the party we had a list printed of what we were going to ask. By the end of the party we realized that the list never had to be pulled out, and were amazed that we never really had to tell anyone what was to be done. They all had obvious experience and knew quite well what they were doing. It made everything much more relaxing for us knowing that everything was already taking care of it. It was absolutely outstanding. We will definitely be recommending your services to our friends and family. Thanks again.


Rick, Thank you for the GREAT job you & your guys did last Saturday. As our co-hosts said to us, "you were a gift to us all & allowed us to enjoy the party without any cares." I've referred a co-worker to you & I have no doubt you will do the same wonderful job for her as you did for us. Thanks again, Larry


Dear Rick, I want to express my deepest appreciation for the services of your team last Friday. They were extremely professional, personable, and efficient. I was able to enjoy my own party thanks to their efforts. Many thanks for engaging them. They were truly outstanding and many at the party noticed and remarked on their friendliness and attentiveness. In fact, they inspired me to consider planning another occasion!


Dear Rick, Thank you so much making the night of our engagement something of true magic. Everything was so beautiful & perfect. We're sincerely grateful for your professionalism, dedication, & passion; for all that went into planning & executing such a perfect evening (not to mention your very cool & fun personality!). You helped ease all anxieties & created a surreal event comprised of great food, great company, laughter, tears of joy, & a tremendous amount of love. Thank you for making such a special evening something that we'll treasure forever. Sincerely, Anna & Chris.


Hi Richard. You guys did a 'great' job and even anticipated our needs before we even realized we had them. We were able, as you advertised, to just relax and enjoy our party, which was just great. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who was hosting a gathering. - Kathleen.


Thanks Rick for such a successful Luau!!! We enjoyed the party soooo much thanks to you. I think this year was our biggest and best, and you were absolutely AMAZING!!! Next year we will definitely use a server AND a bartender - you really showed us the value you can add as a bartender. We have bookmarked your website in our party folder so we never have to worry about who to use again. Seriously, you are the BEST!! The different phases of the night went very nicely and you worked well with the crowd pleasing them in WHATEVER way you could. Thanks again for a great party!! Don


Rick - I just wanted to tell you what an outstanding job your folks did last night! Everyone was a complete pro: extremely competent, very friendly, accommodating and just all around excellent! They adapted to our style with ease and kept things flowing perfectly. Everything was just super. Your bartender as well was sweet, friendly, and conscientious. They all went above and beyond - keeping on top of everything, making our guests happy, and doing an amazing job with cleanup. Please thank them again from us. We'll be calling you again! - Janet


Hey Rick! What a fantastic evening, I really appreciate all that you did!! YOU were absolutely great and all the guests were raving about the awesome job you were did. I throw a good amount of parties every now and again, I know who my bartender will be every time! Thanks for everything!! -Kat


Rick - Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your guys last Saturday. Both were just first rate - pleasant, efficient, personable and made a very nice presentation. Thanks for everything. - Ed


Rick- A word of thanks to you and your team. You guys were true professionals, as you promised you would be. We would be happy to use your services again and I will recommend you to anyone who inquired. JR


Hi Rick. Just a quick e-mail to thank your team for the great service at our recent party. They did a great job at the bar, and an equally wonderful job keeping tabs on the food and other details. It was a pleasure having them work the party. I look forward to being in touch when we plan another event. All the best - Marc


Rick, you all did a great job and your team was wonderful. The nicest part? I didn’t have to make any suggestions or ask them to do anything. Everybody seemed to know what to do and needed no suggestions whatsoever! Your fire show also added to our theme nicely. What a Bonus Thanks for everything and please tell your team that I think they are amazing and intuitive. Constance


Hello Richard - We just wanted to say how great your employees were in helping us prepare, bus and keep-up with the party. They did a fantastic job. And thanks for being able to help us at the last minute. We will definitely use you again. Best, Jeff & Mary


Hi Rick! We've gotten so many nice comments about your handling of the party on Friday. You orchestrated everything so smoothly -- your skills and ease at talking with people really make parties easy. So, a big thank you! Looking forward to more future celebrations! - Christopher


Thank you Rick... everything was wonderful! You did your usual outstanding job. We can't imagine having a party without your help. Happy holidays. Charles


Rick~ I wanted to thank you for a great job (times two!) :) Both days you did a wonderful job in preparing, serving and cleaning for a festive occasion. My guests all complimented me on your elegance and grace. I'm already looking forward to planning my next event. Many thanks and my best wishes for your enterprise. - Zev.


Hi Rick, I just wanted to let you know that our party was a huge success, thanks in large part to your bartender. He was just so much fun to work with and so efficient! Lawrence and I were able to enjoy our party and our guests because he took care of everything. The guests all thought he was just great fun as did we. We'll be sure to tell everyone about The Private Professionals. I can honestly say we'll never have a party without one of your bartenders again! Thank you - Pam.


Rick, I join my housemates in thanking you for your wonderful assistance last week. Many of our guests noted how great you and your team were, and we were happy to talk you up all night. The party would not have been as successful without all of your help at every stage. Hope you had a good time as well. Again, many thanks! Neal.


Hi Rick, I wanted to let you know that we heard from soooo many of our guests who said they absolutely loved you guys!!! They couldn't stop raving about how nice you were. And our cleanup was all but nonexistent thanks! When we have our next a party next we'll definitely call. Thanks again, Lori.


Dear Rick: Thank you for providing our bartender on such short notice (I know that was probably a hassle for you & you needed to scramble a bit). I must say that we were very pleased with our experience. He was exactly what we were looking for and we would consider using your services again without any hesitation. We're glad we found you and will definitely recommend the "Private Pro's" to all our friends. - Adam & Monica.


Just a quick note to say how amazing you guys are! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We went over yesterday afternoon to "survey the damage" and finish cleaning up, but it all looked so good. Thanks for staying late and doing so much. We were really very impressed. I must say, without question you went above and beyond anything that we expected. It's all very, very appreciated. Thank you! Rich & Kenny.


Rick, Your guys did a super, super job last night. Not only were they early (which meant I didn't even have time to get nervous & pace), but worked very, very hard & were a pleasure to have in our house. Thank you so much and please do not hesitate to use us as a reference. - Tom.


Dear Rick: We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how special you helped make our annual party. Thank you both so much for the hard work. Our official count was 98 not including the four of us. That's a lot of people in a relatively small area. We certainly could not have done it without you. I would rate the evening a complete success, and appreciate both of your professionalism, courteousness, and very competent handling of the evening. I have already sent your contact information to some friends of ours who have an annual open house. I hope you get lots of business from us! Again, thank you for everything. Upon the date of next year's party we'll be in touch for sure! - John.


Rick - you guys are fantastic. I kept asking, 'Are you all right? Need anything?' Your answer was always the same, 'Nope, we're good; everything is all set.' It just feels so good to spend the whole event with my guests & not to have to worry about anything. I'm so glad we found you guys! You truly go above & beyond what we expected and I couldn't be more appreciative. I can't believe we went for so many years without your help. - Christina.


Here's what else our clients are saying...

"I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure meeting you. You guys did a great job, and no doubt made the event I was trying to create even better than I could have imagined. Hopefully we'll work together again sometime soon. - Deborah C.

"Rick - you guys were incredible. The whole night was fantastic in large part due to your efforts & I can’t thank you enough." - Dan H.

"Your by-line is true. I enjoyed the party & you guys took care of the rest! What a great night; I can’t thank you enough. This is an excellent service, thank you." - Mark M.

"Oh My God, I LOVE You Guys!" - Christina K

“No question, you exceeded every expectation we could have envisioned.” - Jeffery.L

“I Absolutely Love You Guys!!! [Hmm... This seems to be a trend! ;-) ] And your Party Planner was my Bible for the event. I’ll never do a party without you again!” - Magdalena B.

“Rick, I was quite impressed with your ability to jump right in and take charge. You also did a great job taking care of all the ‘VIPs.’ Everything was much appreciated. Thanks!” - Steve

“What a great job! You made the night perfect - it couldn’t have been more smooth.”- Rob.

“Thank you! You guys were incredibly professional & provide a fantastic service.” - Doug.

“Awesome Job! I swear, one of ‘you’ is worth 2 from somewhere else!” - Ken D.

“I’m sooooo happy I found you! You guys are Awesome!” - Tricia K.

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And the list goes on...


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