What Do Our Services Include?

Our general service offers a full range of assistance for private party or event staffing (see below for additional services such as event planning, etc):

  • Assistance w/ Food Prep & Party Setup.
  • Full Service Bartending.
  • Formal Food Service or Buffet Maintenance.
  • General Party Assistance, Busing, & End of Night Clean-Up.
  • We can also offer direct referral to some of the area’s best resources.

We generally plan to arrive about an hour before the party is expected to begin & will set up the bar &/or buffet, then assist with any last minute details as needed.

Bar ServiceDuring the event we'll take care of full service bartending. Then as able, we'll also assist to bus plates & glassware to keep things tidy throughout the evening. However, the bartenders primary responsibility will be to the bar.

Food Service: Service Assistance is available to provide food service as requested. Our primary focus here will be to maintain the buffet (or formal seated service) as well as to bus plates & glassware around the party. We'll also fill wine & do what is generally needed to see to it that your guests are properly attended.

At the evening's end we'll break down the bar, clean up the party as well as the kitchen, & help to package any left over food or bar-stock. If things linger on & you'd like us to take off then we'll just clean up as much as possible & reconfigure the party to self-service. But in general we don't schedule a time to leave & will stay as long as you need us.


In addition, we also offer the following Specialty Services: 

  • Event Planning - For a standard party, the Private Pro's Party Planner should give you everything you need for a successful evening. But for a full scale event, be it private, corporate, a fundraiser, or grand ball - we are able to offer full scale planning on the most professional level.
  • On Site Coordination - We can also offer an on-site coordinator for larger affairs. In this capacity we'll manage all the various logistics of the day's main event. This will  leave you stress free to enjoy your day & act as a host to your guests.
  • Wine Tasting & Bartending Seminars - Looking for something different?  We also offer special classes for wine tasting or tending bar. All classes are heavily slanted toward private parties & offer something fun & different for a more intimate crowd.
  • On-site Chef Services - We do not offer catering (except through our referral network), but we do offer an on-site chef service for dinner parties, special affairs, & more intimate gatherings.
  • Performance Art - For more lavish affairs, we have an extensive network of fire performers, belly dancers, burlesque performers, bands, go-go's, models & DJ's. All are fully insured & offer a professional level of entertainment that is sure to please.


So what are your needs?

  • For larger parties it's a good idea to work with a team of three: a bartender, a general assistant to focus more on the food, & a dedicated server to attend to your guests.
  • For smaller affairs, 1 bartender & 1 service assistant works very well.
  • For smaller cocktail parties where the host is taking care of a simple buffet then a single bartender should be fine.
  • For small dinner parties (15 or less) then a single server is all you need.
  • For larger functions, a single server can handle up to 25 guests (but an expediter will be needed to plate the food, so please consult with us regarding such services). And a bartender can handle a full-service bar for up to about 80-100.
  • For full scale events, it's best to contact Rick to discuss your individual needs. 

We look forward to working with you! 

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