For questions, to book a party, or discuss details of your event, just contact Rick...

    Email Here.
Please note that I do prefer to be initially contacted through email. If you'd like to discuss arrangements over the phone, I'll be happy to contact you once we've made initial contact online.  Thank you!

Keep in mind that we'll need the following information to actually book your event:

  1. A general confirmation so that we can reserve the date in your name, then of course the date & time of the event itself, how many people you expect, & what the venue is (i.e. what type of party is it).
  2. It's useful to know what type of crowd it is & the purpose for the affair.
  3. What type of bar is it (full service vs. beer & wine only) &/or will there be formal food service in addition to the bar or a buffet? Overall, what type of assistance are you looking for (a bartender, service assistance, etc)?
  4. Then of course we'll need an address for where it will be held.
  5. Lastly, we'll need your personal contact information: your email & a day-time as well as an evening phone number (please include the best times to reach you as well as a number you can reached on the day of the party).

I thank you for your interest & I’ll look forward to working with you.

Richard A.D.
The Private Pro's.